Example i28: Tangential Dipole with Varying Radius

Computes the magnetic field due to a radial dipole in a sphere of radius 2, 3 and 5 mm. The magnetic field should be independent of the radius of the sphere (the Sarvas formula does not have a radius term). The full magnetic field is compared to the analytic solution given in Sarvas 1987. The magnetic fields are evaluated on the edges of a cube with vertices located at +/- 5 mm and should be identical to those produced by examples i26. Error plots for using different radii are presented below:

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example i21

if(!defined $example) 
    $example='.' ;
    $OUT="output"; unless (-d $OUT) {mkdir $OUT};
} else{

$resolution = '8x8';
$interpolation = 'cubic';
#$interpolation = 'linear';

for $RADIUS ("2","3","5")

    fem define para;r;$example/torsotimedep;
    fem define coor 3,1;
    fem define regi;r;$example/two;
    fem define base;r;$example/bi$interpolation;

	# Create the ipnode/ipelem files
	fem def mesh;r;sphere_${resolution}_r$RADIUS;
	fem def node;w;sphere_${resolution}_r$RADIUS;
	fem def elem;w;sphere_${resolution}_r$RADIUS;
	fem export node;$OUT/sphere as sphere;
	fem export elem;$OUT/sphere as sphere;

    } else
	fem define node;r;$example/sphere_${resolution}_r$RADIUS reg 1;
	fem define elem;r;$example/sphere_${resolution}_r$RADIUS reg 1;
	fem export node;$OUT/sphere as sphere;
	fem export elem;$OUT/sphere as sphere;

	fem define node;r;$example/cube reg 2;
	fem define elem;r;$example/cube reg 2;

	# Export geometry
	fem export node;$OUT/cube   as cube reg 2;
	fem export elem;$OUT/cube   as cube reg 2;

	fem define grid;r;$example/cube   reg 2;
	fem update grid geometr            reg 2;
	fem define equa;r;$example/laplace_bem_$interpolation reg 1 class 1 lock;
	fem define mate;r;$example/laplace reg 1 class 1;
	fem define sour;r;$example/dipole  reg 1 class 1;
	fem li sour;
	fem de anal;r;$example/eccentricdipole reg 1 cl 1;
	fem de init;g reg 1 cl 1;
	fem define solv;r;$example/nosalu_$interpolation reg 1 class 1;
	fem define equa;r;$example/laplace_grid reg 2 class 2 lock;
	# Solve and export potential due to a dipole
	fem solve reg 1 class 1;
	fem export node;$OUT/sphere_pot as sphere field;
	fem export elem;$OUT/sphere_pot as sphere field;
	# Read in perl subroutine: WriteGradPhiExelem
	#  which combines 3 scalar exelem files into a vector field
	read com;$example/perl;

	# Full magnetic field
	fem li sour;
	fem export source;$OUT/dipole as dipole;
	fem eval solu magnet grid elem 551 iy 1 both;
	fem export elem;$DXFILENAME as cube field reg 2 class 2 iy 2 grid_numbers;
	fem export elem;$DYFILENAME as cube field reg 2 class 2 iy 3;
	fem export elem;$DZFILENAME as cube field reg 2 class 2 iy 4;
	# Combine the 3 scalar field into a single vector field
} # radius


Files used by this example are:

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example_i28.com 30-Jan-2009 2.5k README.txt 30-Jan-2009 1.9k bicubic.ipbase 30-Jan-2009 6.8k bilinear.ipbase 30-Jan-2009 5.7k cube.ipelem 30-Jan-2009 447 cube.ipgrid 30-Jan-2009 601 cube.ipnode 30-Jan-2009 2.1k dipole.ipsour 30-Jan-2009 297 draw.com 30-Jan-2009 3.0k eccentricdipole.ipanal 30-Jan-2009 720 laplace.ipmate 30-Jan-2009 54 laplace_bem_cubic.ipequa 30-Jan-2009 1.3k laplace_bem_linear.ipequa 30-Jan-2009 1.3k laplace_grid.ipequa 30-Jan-2009 1.2k nosalu_cubic.ipsolv 30-Jan-2009 1.3k nosalu_linear.ipsolv 30-Jan-2009 1.2k perl.com 30-Jan-2009 2.4k sphere_8x8_r2.ipelem 30-Jan-2009 21k sphere_8x8_r2.ipmesh 30-Jan-2009 983 sphere_8x8_r2.ipnode 30-Jan-2009 51k sphere_8x8_r3.ipelem 30-Jan-2009 21k sphere_8x8_r3.ipmesh 30-Jan-2009 983 sphere_8x8_r3.ipnode 30-Jan-2009 51k sphere_8x8_r5.ipelem 30-Jan-2009 21k sphere_8x8_r5.ipmesh 30-Jan-2009 983 sphere_8x8_r5.ipnode 30-Jan-2009 51k torsotimedep.ippara 30-Jan-2009 5.9k two.ipregi 30-Jan-2009 93

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