Example b34: Coupled 2-D electro-mechanics example (setup only)

Large 2d coupled electromechanics example. This example takes a long time to solve.

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example_b34 Coupled 2-D electro-mechanics example
# WARNING running this example may take a lot of time
# Create the geometry
fem define param;r;example_b34;example

fem define node;r;square16x16;example            #define 289 nodes
fem define base;r;membrane;example               #set up membrane
fem define element;r;square16x16;example         #define 256 elements
fem define fibre;r;sq16x16-10-90-10;example
fem define element;r;;example fibre
fem define window                            #create 2D xy window
#fem draw line                               !draw 4 mesh
#refresh graphics
#fem draw gauss                              !draw 3x3 gauss pts/element
# Set up the mechanics
fem define equation;r;stress;example class 1 lock  #define mechanics eqns
fem define material;r;membrane;example           #read params for mechs eqns
fem group node external as bdy_nodes         #all boundary nodes
#fem group node external xi1=0 as lhs_nodes  !nodes on left
#fem group node external xi1=1 as rhs_nodes  !nodes on right
#fem group node external xi2=0 as bot_nodes  !nodes at the bottom
#fem group node external xi2=1 as top_nodes  !nodes at the top
#fem define initial;r;prestress;example          !read i.c.s & b.c.s
fem define initial;r;fixed;example
fem define solve;r;membrane;example              #read solve params
fem define active;r;stress;example               #read active mechs params
#fem solve class 1 incr 1.                   !prestress membrane (top&right+8mm)
fem draw line deformed                       #draw new mesh
fem draw fibre def dxi 0.5,0.5,0.5 rgb=black
refresh graphics
# Set up the electrical activation
fem define grid;r;9x9;example class 2            #calc metrics on deformed grid
#fem update grid geom deformed
#fem update grid metric deformed
fem update grid geom
fem update grid metric
fem define equation;r;vcdc-is;example class 2    #define activation eqns
fem define material;r;vcd;example class 2        #read params for activation eqn
fem define cell;r;vcd;example class 2        #read params for activation eqn
fem update grid material class 2             #calc diffusivity tensor
fem group grid xi1=0 oneoff as lhs-line
fem group grid xi1=1 oneoff as rhs-line
fem group grid line 7873 xidirn 2 negative as cline
fem define initial;r;sq16x16-rhs-cline-v;example class 2  #read i.c.s & b.c.s
fem define solve;r;sq16x16;example class 2       #read solve params
fem solve class 2 to 0
#fem define;add base;r;quadbasis;example !biquadratic basis for grid-gauss interpolation

# Solve the equations

Additional testing commands:

fem list equation class 1
fem list equation class 2
fem list grid grid 200..250
fem list acti
fem list solve class 1
fem list solve class 2

Files used by this example are:

Name                        Modified     Size

example_b34.com 29-Jun-2000 2.5k 9x9.ipgrid 06-Mar-2003 22k example_b34.ippara 12-Nov-2002 5.9k fixed.ipinit 12-Dec-2002 995 membrane.com 29-Jun-2000 1.8k membrane.ipbase 10-Apr-2000 2.1k membrane.ipmate 12-Dec-2002 6.4k membrane.ippara 12-Nov-2002 5.9k membrane.ippara_old 10-Apr-2000 4.3k membrane.ipsolv 16-Aug-2010 2.7k membrane.ipsolv.old 13-Apr-2007 2.5k membrane.ipsolv_bak 10-Apr-2000 1.7k quadbasis.ipbase 10-Apr-2000 1.2k solve.com 12-Jul-2002 1.8k sq16out.history 10-Apr-2000 178k sq16out.ipdat2 10-Apr-2000 320 sq16out.ipdata 10-Apr-2000 439 sq16x16-10-90-10.ipelfb 10-Apr-2000 35k sq16x16-10-90-10.ipfibr 30-Jan-2001 22k sq16x16-rhs-cline-v.ipinit 10-Apr-2000 688 sq16x16.ipsolv 03-Oct-2001 991 sq16x16.ipsolv.old 10-Apr-2000 945 square16x16.ipelem 10-Apr-2000 79k square16x16.ipnode 10-Apr-2000 44k stress.ipacti 03-Mar-2004 735 stress.ipequa 02-May-2004 1.7k test.com 29-Jun-2000 2.1k test_output.com 10-Apr-2000 140 vcd.ipcell 10-Apr-2000 2.3k vcd.ipmate 10-Apr-2000 1.7k vcd.ipmate_cell_old 10-Apr-2000 4.0k vcdc-is.ipequa 26-May-2003 1.5k

Download the entire example:

Name                      Modified     Size

examples_b_b3_b34.tar.gz 17-Aug-2010 36k

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StatusTestedReal time (s)
cmSuccessSun Mar 6 00:02:29 20161
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cm-debug-clear-mallocSuccessSat Aug 18 01:48:17 200750
cm-debug-clear-malloc7SuccessMon Aug 20 01:45:25 200741
cm64SuccessSun Aug 19 01:42:48 200712
cm64-debugSuccessTue Aug 21 01:38:05 200734
cm64-debug-clear-mallocSuccessThu Apr 1 11:25:13 200417
cmSuccessWed Mar 4 01:09:17 20092
cm-debugSuccessMon Mar 2 01:10:07 20098
cm64SuccessWed Mar 4 01:09:17 20092
cm64-debugSuccessTue Mar 3 01:15:06 200910
cmSuccessSun Mar 6 00:01:06 20161
cm-debugSuccessSat Mar 5 00:01:44 20161

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