Example b233: Left ventricular tissue segment microstructural models from seven pig hearts

This site gives access to structural models developed from tissue blocks taken from the left ventricular free wall of seven pig hearts. Each model file gives the fibre, imbrication, and sheet angles (in radians) for a grid of 30x30 elements extending across the ventricular wall. The first element is located at the endocardial-apex corner of the model, and the 900th element is at the epicardial-base corner (see drawing below). Where sheet angle is listed as n/a, this implies isotropy transverse to the fibre axis for this element. Full details of development of the models are awaiting publication.

Tissue Sample








Files used by this example are:

Name      Modified     Size

Ex01.dat 06-Mar-2007 19k Ex02.dat 06-Mar-2007 19k Ex03.dat 06-Mar-2007 19k Ex04.dat 06-Mar-2007 19k Ex05.dat 06-Mar-2007 20k Ex06.dat 06-Mar-2007 20k Ex07.dat 06-Mar-2007 19k

Download the entire example:

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examples_b_b2_b23_b233.tar.gz 07-Mar-2007 309k

Graphical output from this problem is given here.

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