Example a_backup/seeded_streamlines: Generate seeded streamlines.

Generate seeded streamlines from a planar isosurface in a tetrahedral mesh.

Screenshot of example a_backup/seeded_streamlines

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

gfx read nodes $example/CAVITY.exnode.gz;
gfx read elements $example/CAVITY.exelem.gz;

gfx define faces egroup set;

gfx define field test_vector constant 1.0 1.0 1.0;

gfx define field vector_magnitude magnitude field v_field;

#You can simply track a streamline seeded at a location in all elements or a single element as shown here.

gfx define field coordinates.z component coordinates.z;
gfx define field density constant 100;

# define a field returning locations in the mesh at equivalent coordinates
gfx define field find_element_xi find_mesh_location find_exact mesh cmiss_mesh_3d mesh_field coordinates source_field coordinates;

gfx modify g_element set general clear circle_discretization 6 default_coordinate coordinates element_discretization "1*1*1" native_discretization none;
gfx modify g_element set lines exterior select_on material default selected_material default_selected;

gfx modify g_element set iso_surfaces as seed_surface iso_scalar coordinates.z iso_values 0.515 use_elements select_on material default data density spectrum default selected_material default_selected render_wireframe;

gfx create egroup seeds;
gfx define graphics_filter seed_surface match_graphic_name seed_surface;
gfx define scene seed_surface filter seed_surface;
gfx convert graphics coordinate coordinates render_surface_node_cloud region seeds scene seed_surface;

gfx modify g_element seeds node_points glyph sphere general size "0.01*0.01*0.01" centre 0,0,0 font default select_on material default selected_material default_selected;

gfx modify g_element set streamlines as streamlines coordinate coordinates seed_nodeset seeds.cmiss_nodes seed_node_mesh_location_field find_element_xi xi 0.2,0.1,0.2 cylinder vector v_field length 500 width 0.01 magnitude_scalar select_on material gold selected_material default_selected;

gfx modify g_element set iso_surfaces as seed_surface invisible;

gfx modify spectrum default autorange;

Files used by this example are:

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seeded_streamlines.com 20-Apr-2012 1.9k CAVITY.exelem.gz 20-Apr-2012 54k CAVITY.exnode.gz 20-Apr-2012 44k COPYRIGHT 19-Apr-2012 504

Download the entire example:

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examples_a_backup_seeded_streamlines.tar.gz 12-Aug-2014 864k

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