Example a_backup/renumber_mesh: Renumbering a mesh.

Screenshot of example a_backup/renumber_mesh

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

# Example a/renumber_mesh:  Renumber a mesh using the xi directions to sort nodes and elements

# Read in some geometry to hold our texture and define coordinates.
gfx read node $example/medrect.exnode;
gfx read element $example/medrect.exelem;

# Define an xi texture field starting at an element in the mesh
gfx define field xi_texture integration coordinate xi seed 1;

# I want to vary by xi2 first and then xi1 so I swap the order of the components
gfx define field sort_field composite xi_texture.2 xi_texture.1;

# Sort the nodes and elements based on this field
gfx change_identifier sort_by sort_field node_offset 1 element_offset 1 line_offset 1 face_offset 1;

gfx modify g_element medrect general clear circle_discretization 6 default_coordinate coordinates element_discretization "4*4*4" native_discretization none;
gfx modify g_element medrect lines select_on material black selected_material default_selected;
gfx modify g_element medrect surfaces select_on material default data cmiss_number spectrum default selected_material default_selected render_shaded;
gfx modify g_element medrect node_points glyph sphere general size "1*1*1" centre 0,0,0 font default select_on material default data cmiss_number spectrum default selected_material default_selected;

gfx mod spectrum default auto;

gfx write node medrect_renumbered.exnode group medrect;
gfx write element medrect_renumbered.exelem group medrect;

Files used by this example are:

Name               Modified     Size

renumber_mesh.com 20-Apr-2012 1.4k COPYRIGHT 19-Apr-2012 504 medrect.exelem 20-Apr-2012 118k medrect.exnode 20-Apr-2012 64k

Download the entire example:

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examples_a_backup_renumber_mesh.tar.gz 12-Aug-2014 245k

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