Example a_backup/evaluate_grid: evaluate_grid: Evaluate a curve product field into grid points.

This example uses multiplies three curves to define a potential field which varies with the xi directions. This field is evaluated into an existing grid point storage and written out.

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The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#This example uses multiplies three curves to define a potential field which
#varies with the xi directions.
#This field is evaluated into an existing grid point storage and written out.

#Read in our element geometry
gfx read node $example/stomach.exnode
gfx read elem $example/stomach.exelem

#Define a grid by reading in one that has the desired resolution
gfx read elem $example/field.exelem.bz2
#Specify the grid point numbers for the grid points
gfx read elem $example/grid.exelem.bz2

#Read in three curves which are going to be multiplied into a
#product to define the field values we want.
open com $example/epsilon_xi1.curve.com exec
open com $example/epsilon_xi2.curve.com exec
open com $example/epsilon_xi3.curve.com exec

$GROUP = "stomach";

gfx define field xi_texture xi_texture_coordinates seed_element $SEED_ELEMENT
gfx define field xi1_curve curve_lookup curve xi1 source xi_texture.1
gfx define field xi2_curve curve_lookup curve xi2 source xi_texture.2
gfx define field xi3_curve curve_lookup curve xi3 source xi_texture.3
gfx define field temp multiply fields xi1_curve xi2_curve
gfx define field values multiply fields temp xi3_curve

#Evaluate the field values into the grid point storage
gfx evaluate egroup $GROUP destination potential source values

#Write out the evaluated grid point values
gfx write elem values_$GROUP.exelem group $GROUP fields potential;
#Write out the corresponding grid point numbers
gfx write elem number_$GROUP.exelem group $GROUP fields grid_point_number

Files used by this example are:

Name                      Modified     Size

evaluate_grid.com 20-Apr-2012 1.5k COPYRIGHT 19-Apr-2012 504 epsilon_xi1.curve.com 20-Apr-2012 155 epsilon_xi1.curve.exelem 20-Apr-2012 843 epsilon_xi1.curve.exnode 20-Apr-2012 748 epsilon_xi2.curve.com 20-Apr-2012 154 epsilon_xi2.curve.exelem 20-Apr-2012 843 epsilon_xi2.curve.exnode 20-Apr-2012 748 epsilon_xi3.curve.com 20-Apr-2012 153 epsilon_xi3.curve.exelem 20-Apr-2012 640 epsilon_xi3.curve.exnode 20-Apr-2012 377 field.exelem.bz2 20-Apr-2012 62k grid.exelem.bz2 20-Apr-2012 833k stomach.exelem 20-Apr-2012 512k stomach.exnode 20-Apr-2012 150k

Download the entire example:

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examples_a_backup_evaluate_grid.tar.gz 12-Aug-2014 4.2M

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cmgui-wx-debug-memorycheckSuccessThu Jan 7 00:05:33 201620
cmgui-wx-debug-valgrindFailureSun Mar 6 00:15:58 2016353
last breakSun Mar 6 00:10:00 2016353
last successWed Jun 3 01:42:00 2015382
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