Example a/triangle_mixed_basis: Triangle element with mixed basis functions

Tests use of linear and quadratic simplex basis functions in the same element.

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# the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****


# Test a mix of finite element basis functions over a triangle
# Read a single triangle element containing 3 fields:
# * 2-D "coordinates" using a linear simplex basis
# * scalar "pressure" using a linear simplex basis
# * 2-D "velocity" using a quadratic simplex basis
# To complicate the problem, the linear bases use a scale factor set -
# even though all scale factors are 1, while the velocity uses no
# scale factors, so the default unit scale factor is used.
# It is recommended not to use scale factors for simplex and Lagrangian bases.
gfx read nodes example triangle_coordinates_pressure.exnode;
gfx read elements example triangle_coordinates_pressure.exelem;
gfx read nodes example triangle_velocity.exnode;
gfx read elements example triangle_velocity.exelem;
gfx define faces egroup triangle;
gfx modify g_element triangle general clear circle_discretization 6 default_coordinate coordinates element_discretization "10*10*10" native_discretization none;
gfx modify g_element triangle lines select_on material default selected_material default_selected;
gfx modify g_element triangle element_points glyph arrow_solid general size "0*0.02*0.02" centre 0,0,0 font default orientation velocity scale_factors "0.1*0*0" use_elements cell_corners discretization "8*8*8" native_discretization NONE select_on material default selected_material default_selected;
gfx modify g_element triangle surfaces select_on material default data pressure spectrum default selected_material default_selected render_shaded;
gfx modify spectrum default autorange;

if ($TESTING) {
	# Test writing and reading the whole group
	gfx write elements write_triangle.exelem group triangle;
	gfx read elements write_triangle.exelem;
	# Test writing and reading individual fields in the group
	gfx write elements write_triangle_coordinates.exelem group triangle field coordinates;
	gfx write elements write_triangle_pressure_velocity.exelem group triangle fields pressure & velocity;
	gfx read elements write_triangle_coordinates.exelem;
	gfx read elements write_triangle_pressure_velocity.exelem;
	gfx destroy elements all;
	gfx read elements write_triangle_pressure_velocity.exelem;
	gfx read elements write_triangle_coordinates.exelem;
	# Export the graphics
	gfx export vrml file triangle_mixed_basis.wrl;
} else {
	gfx create window 1;
	gfx modify window 1 view perspective eye_point 0.981395 -1.46621 2.02069 interest_point 0.390842 0.457097 -0.0467995 up_vector -0.236346 0.676846 0.697151 view_angle 37.5028 near_clipping_plane 0.0288485 far_clipping_plane 10.3095 relative_viewport ndc_placement -1 1 2 2 viewport_coordinates 0 0 1 1;


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