Example a/transform_coordinates: Transforming nodal coordinates from spherical polar to rectangular cartesian

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The comfile run by this example is as follows:

# transform the nodal coordinate system from a sphercial polar system
# to a rectangular cartesian system

# read in nodes with the existing coordinate system called coordinates
# (the spherical polar coordinate system)
gfx read nodes $example/segment.exnode;
gfx read elements $example/segment.exelem;

# create a new coordinate system (the rectangular cartesian system)
gfx define field rect coordinate_system rectangular_cartesian coordinate_transformation field coordinates;

# create a field to store the new coordinate values for the nodes
gfx define field rect_coords finite_element number_of_components 3 real coordinate;
gfx modify nodes group segment define rect_coords;

# note there is currently no way to define a new field on an element,
# so this method is only useful for exporting nodes, not elements
# calculate the new coordinate values
gfx evaluate source rect dest rect_coords ngroup segment

# write out an exnode file with the new coordinate system
gfx write nodes transformed_segment.exnode field rect_coords group segment

# export an ipnode file (unfortunately we have to specify all the other
# file names even though we are not interested in them).
gfx export cm field rect_coords ipcoor transformed_segment.ipcoor ipbase transformed_segment.ipbase ipnode transformed_segment.ipnode ipelem transformed_segment.ipelem region segment

Files used by this example are:

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transform_coordinates.com 09-Mar-2016 1.3k COPYRIGHT 17-Mar-2014 504 segment.exelem 17-Mar-2014 3.6k segment.exnode 17-Mar-2014 1.0k

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