Example a/simple_axis_viewer: Simple axis viewer created with wxWidgets and the Cmgui libraries via the Cmgui C API.

This example program demonstrates how to get a very simple application started using the Cmgui library to view a set of axis. It uses the Cmgui API to create a context and enable the user interface and then create a scene viewer and scene with a set of axis in it.

Screenshot of example a/simple_axis_viewer

Files used by this example are:

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AxisViewerWndUI.xrc 17-Mar-2014 866 CMakeLists.txt 17-Mar-2014 4.8k axisviewer-info.plist 17-Mar-2014 406 cmiss_icon.icns 17-Mar-2014 314k main.cpp 17-Mar-2014 14k

Download the entire example:

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examples_a_simple_axis_viewer.tar.gz 09-Mar-2016 615k

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