Examples demonstrating optimisation in cmgui.

Examples demonstrating the optimisation capabilities of Cmgui. The gfx minimise command can be used to minimise a specified field. Depending on the minimisation method chosen, this field can be a scalar valued field or the values to be used in a least-squares minimisation.

The different minimisation methods currently available in Cmgui are:

Opt++ includes many other methods that can be exposed via Cmgui if required. There is currently limited access to the configuration options of the Opt++ optimisers in Cmgui, but these can also be extended as required. Please submit tracker items for desired features that are not yet available.

Cmgui currently utilises a patched version of Opt++ revision 681 from https://software.sandia.gov/svn/public/optpp/optpp/trunk/ (see the README for the current status).

Examples are:

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