Example a/multipass_render: Multipass rendering: Modifying vertices with texture values.

Demonstration of using a first render pass to calculate or modify the vertex positions of geometry.

Note that current Mesa3D OpenGL libraries don't have float texture buffers and so the updated vertices are clamped into the 0-1 range. The test is still useful and as float textures are a OpenGL 3.0 core feature I'm sure it will be implemented at some point.

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The comfile run by this example is as follows:

# Version: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1
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# The Original Code is CMISS Multipass Render Example.
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# Spark Dental Technology Ltd.
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# Contributor(s):
#    Shane Blackett <shane@blackett.co.nz>
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# the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
# the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

gfx read element $example/square.exelem;

gfx create texture waterfall image $example/karekarefalls.jpg decal;

gfx create material waterfall texture waterfall;

gfx define field texture_coordinatesA multiply fields coordinates [0.5];
gfx define field texture_coordinates add fields texture_coordinatesA [0.5];

gfx modify g_element square general clear circle_discretization 6 default_coordinate coordinates element_discretization "4*4*4" native_discretization none;
gfx modify g_element square lines select_on material default selected_material default_selected;

#When we convert surfaces to use vertex buffer objects then we can displace this too,
#for now just lines.
gfx modify g_element square surfaces select_on material waterfall texture_coordinates texture_coordinates selected_material default_selected render_shaded;

#Render some lines displaced by values in the texture.
#This material is for the first pass.  The second texture coordinates are the 
#the required positions for the first pass to correctly write to the vertex buffer
#for the second pass.
gfx read element $example/trace_line.exelem;

CORE::open VPFILE, "<$example/perturb_vertex.txt";
@vp = <VPFILE>;
close VPFILE;
CORE::open FPFILE, "<$example/perturb_fragment.txt";
@fp = <FPFILE>;
close FPFILE;

gfx create material perturb_from_texture vertex_program_string join("",@vp) fragment_program_string join("",@fp) texture waterfall;

gfx modify g_element trace_line general element_discretization 40 default_coordinate coordinates;
#Render the texture on the lines too (now that we can).
gfx modify g_element trace_line line material waterfall secondary_material perturb_from_texture texture_coordinate texture_coordinates;

gfx cre win 1;

   gfx print win 1 file multipass_render.jpg;


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