Example a/melanoma: Melanoma heat maps.

This example shows heatmaps displaying the percentage likelihood that melanoma will spread from the sites on the skin to different sentinel lymph node fields. This interface is currently under development.

If you have mozCmgui, installed in firefox, you can view this model directly in your browser.

Melanoma heat map displaying the percentage likelihood that a primary melanoma skin site will show lymphatic drainage to the left axillary node field

Screenshot of example a/melanoma

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

# This com file reads in the melanoma heat maps on the skin.

gfx read node $example/la_norm.exnode;
gfx read elem $example/output.exelem;

gfx modify g_element output lines select_on material black selected_material default_selected
gfx mod g_e output surfaces select_on material default data general spectrum default selected_material default_selected render_shaded
gfx mod spectrum default linear reverse range 0 100 extend_above extend_below rainbow colour_range 0 1 ambient diffuse component 1

gfx cre win
gfx edit scene

Files used by this example are:

Name                       Modified     Size

melanoma.com 17-Mar-2014 527 1_NF_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k 2and_more_NFs_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k 3and_more_NFs_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k 4and_more_NFs_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k COPYRIGHT 17-Mar-2014 504 la_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k left_axilla_heatmap.jpg 17-Mar-2014 92k lepit_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k li_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k lpop_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k ltis_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k melanoma.js 17-Mar-2014 11k melanoma.xul 17-Mar-2014 4.5k output.exelem 17-Mar-2014 979k ra_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k repit_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k ri_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k rpop_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k rtis_norm.exnode 17-Mar-2014 430k spectrum_bar.jpg 17-Mar-2014 12k spectrum_bar_contours.jpg 17-Mar-2014 13k

Download the entire example:

Name                        Modified     Size

examples_a_melanoma.tar.gz 09-Mar-2016 4.3M

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