Example 9813: Solving blood flow & blood cell distributions in a pulmonary capillary network

This example illustrates the blood flow solution over the pulmonary capillaries of a single alveoli. The method of Huang et al. (2001) is used to solve for blood flow within the previously developed pulmonary capillary mesh (see example 9812). An iterative procedure is used, taking into account the hematocrit (red blood cell (RBC) concentration) and capillary dimensional changes in each segment.

This solution procedure determines the pressure at each junction (node) the flow and RBC concentration in each segment (element), and RBC and neutrophil transit time distributions across the network. The dimensional model is this solution procedure calculates the capillary diameters as a result of the capillary, alveolar and pleural pressures.

Flow solution field (Spectrum: red=maximum flow, dark blue=no flow)

To create an image in order to visualise the results of the simulation, use draw.com.

Developed by Kelly Burrowes, 02/2003.

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

fem de param;r;capillary;example;
fem de coor 3,1;
fem de regi;r;four;example;
fem de base;r;capillary;example;

fem de node;r;cells;example;
fem de elem;r;cells;example;

fem export node;cells as cells;
fem export elem;cells as cells;

fem group elem 100..107,642..687 as alveolus1;

fem de mesh;r;capillary;example reg 2;
fem update mesh geometry capillary reg 2; #defines capillary diameters etc

fem define equation;r;capillary;example reg 2;
fem define material;r;capillary;example reg 2; 
#fem define time;r;capillary;example reg 2;
fem define initial;r;capillary;example reg 2;
fem define solve;r;capillary;example reg 2;

#Below is for time dependent-boundary condition


#fem export nodes;$time_initial as capillary reg 2;
#fem export elem;$time_initial as capillary reg 2;
#fem export properties;initial as initial reg 2 index 17,11,5;

#for ($time=$time_initial;$time<$time_final;$time=$time+$write_out_period)
#fem solve restart to $time+$write_out_period reg 2 delta_t $time_step;
#fem export properties;$time+$write_out_period as solution reg 2 index 17,11,5;

#Below for single time solution (constant boundary condition)

fem solve from 0 to 1 delta_t 0.5 reg 2; #solves system of equations

fem export node;capillary as capillary reg 2;
fem export elem;capillary as capillary reg 2;

fem export node;solution as solution reg 2 field pressure; #exports pressure solutions as field
#fem export properties;solution as solution reg 2 index 12,7,4 #exports solution properties
fem export properties;flow as solution reg 2 index 12 name flow;
fem export properties;hematocrit as solution reg 2 index 7 name hematocrit;
fem export properties;diameter as solution reg 2 index 4 name diameter
#properties: 12=blood flow 7=vessel hematocrit 4=hydraulic diameter

Additional testing commands:

fem list node solution reg 2

Files used by this example are:

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example_9813.com 14-Dec-2005 1.8k capillary.exelem 08-Oct-2003 176k capillary.exnode 26-Aug-2004 87k capillary.ipbase 27-Feb-2003 3.2k capillary.ipequa 11-Sep-2007 1.6k capillary.ipinit 08-Oct-2003 1.0k capillary.ipmate 29-Apr-2005 974 capillary.ipmesh 26-Aug-2004 1.8k capillary.ippara 29-Apr-2005 6.1k capillary.ipsolv 13-Apr-2007 2.2k capillary.iptime 27-Feb-2003 854 cells.exelem 27-Feb-2003 175k cells.exnode 16-Jun-2003 148k cells.ipelem 27-Feb-2003 190k cells.ipnode 27-Feb-2003 313k diameter.exelem 14-Dec-2005 97k draw.com 14-Dec-2005 1.2k flow.exelem 14-Dec-2005 97k flow.mov 27-Feb-2003 4.7M four.ipregi 27-Feb-2003 102 hematocrit.exelem 14-Dec-2005 97k initial.exelem 27-Feb-2003 197k movie_sub.com 27-Feb-2003 426 solution.exelem 29-Apr-2005 197k solution.exnode 29-Apr-2005 40k test.com 29-Apr-2005 1.7k test_output.com 27-Feb-2003 29 time1.out 29-Apr-2005 18k transit2.out 29-Apr-2005 281k transit3.out 29-Apr-2005 112

Download the entire example:

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