Example 9812: Generating a 2D Voronoi capillary mesh over a 3D alveolar mesh

This example creates a 2-D Voronoi pulmonary capillary mesh over the surface of a 3-D Voronoi alveolar mesh (5 alveoli around a central duct). Regularly distributed points are created on the surface of a unit half-sphere, these points are projected onto the alveolar surface, grouped according to alveolus and projected back onto the sphere surface. This ensures mesh continuity between adjacent alveoli, i.e. a single capillary sheet is shared by two adjacent alveoli. A delaunay triangulation of these points is then formed and from this a Voronoi mesh. The mesh is projected back onto the alveolar surface. An inlet and outlet vessel are also created.

Created by Kelly Burrowes, 01/2003.

Alveolar surface mesh

Delaunay triangulation (green) & Voronoi (white)

Voronoi / capillary mesh

Final capillary mesh 3-D perspective

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

fem de param;r;capillary;example   #defines parameters
fem de coor 3,1                    #defines co-ordinates
fem de regi;r;four;example         #defines 4 regions
fem de base;r;capillary;example    #defines 2-D and 3-D linear bases

fem de node;r;alveoli;example      #reads in alveolar mesh nodes 
fem de elem;r;alveoli;example      #and elements

fem export node;alveoli as alveoli #exports alveolar mesh
fem export elem;alveoli as alveoli

fem group elem 100..107,642..687 as alveolus1 #groups alveolar elements
fem group elem 151..158,642..648,688..727 as alveolus2
fem group elem 195..202,688..694,728..767 as alveolus3
fem group elem 238..245,728..734,768..807 as alveolus4
fem group elem 284..291,649..655,768..774,808..841 as alveolus5

fem export elem;1 as 1 elem alveolus1  #exports each alveolus element group 
fem export elem;2 as 2 elem alveolus2
fem export elem;3 as 3 elem alveolus3
fem export elem;4 as 4 elem alveolus4
fem export elem;5 as 5 elem alveolus5

fem de mesh;r;capillary;example reg 2  #creates capillary mesh on alveolar 
fem export node;capillary as cap reg 2 #exports capillary mesh
fem export elem;capillary as cap reg 2

fem export node;centre as centre reg 3 #exports nodes on sphere

fem export node;delaunay as delaun reg 4 #exports delaunay nodes 
fem export elem;delaunay as delaun reg 4 #and elements

Additional testing commands:

fem list nodes region all

Files used by this example are:

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example_9812.com 16-Jun-2003 1.4k 1.exelem 16-Jan-2003 17k 2.exelem 16-Jan-2003 17k 3.exelem 16-Jan-2003 17k 4.exelem 16-Jan-2003 17k 5.exelem 16-Jan-2003 18k alveoli.exelem 16-Jan-2003 221k alveoli.exnode 16-Jun-2003 148k alveoli.ipelem 16-Jan-2003 239k alveoli.ipnode 16-Jan-2003 313k capillary.exelem 08-Oct-2003 795k capillary.exnode 26-Aug-2004 391k capillary.ipbase 16-Jan-2003 3.2k capillary.ipmesh 26-Aug-2004 3.0k capillary.ippara 08-Oct-2003 6.1k centre.exnode 26-Aug-2004 46k delaunay.exelem 08-Oct-2003 1.7M delaunay.exnode 26-Aug-2004 198k draw.com 16-Jan-2003 719 four.ipregi 16-Jan-2003 102 test.com 16-Jun-2003 856 test_output.com 16-Jan-2003 26

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