Example 8117: Infarct data from Dr. Jeffery Holmes in collaboration with Dr. James Covell and Dr. Andrew McCulloch

Dr. Holmes now in the Cardiac Biomechanics Group at the University of Columbia has kindly provided the infarct remodelling data from his PhD thesis in collaboration with Dr. James Covell and Dr. Andrew McCulloch.

Contact details:
Dr. Jeffrey W. Holmes (jh553@columbia.edu )
Dr. James Covell, UC San Diego (Medicine) ( jcovell@ucsd.edu )
Dr. Andrew McCulloch, UC San Diego (Bioengineering) (amcculloch@ucsd.edu )

A Passive Study :

Infarcts were created in pigs and left to heal for 3 weeks.

At three weeks, the chest was opened and three columns of 3-4 beads were put into the infarct (lateral wall, between papillary muscles) and another 3 columns into the noninfarcted anterior wall.

The heart was then arrested, removed, and passively inflated while videotaping both beadsets. The coordinates of the beads at a series of cavity pressures during these passive experiments were digitised.

The hearts were sliced perpendicular to the long axis of the LV, scanned in, and digitized. The slices were about 5 mm thick

This data set contains the passive strains, the digitized geometric data (endo contour, epi contour, and infarct outline), and good histology with collagen fiber angle data at multiple depths across the infarcts.

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scarparameters.summary 16-Oct-2001 16k scp.control.cmissout.ws 06-Feb-2001 72k scp.infarct.cmissout.ws 06-Feb-2001 74k scp.muscle.binaveraging.ws 06-Feb-2001 10k scp.scar.binaveraging.ws 06-Feb-2001 8.5k scp02/ 12-Nov-2002 - scp02.scar.ang.ws 06-Feb-2001 150k scp04/ 12-Nov-2002 - scp04.scar.adistr.ws 06-Feb-2001 173k scp05/ 12-Nov-2002 - scp05.scar.ang.ws 06-Feb-2001 79k scp09/ 12-Nov-2002 - scp09.scar.ang.ws 06-Feb-2001 96k scp10/ 12-Nov-2002 - scp10.scar.ang.ws 06-Feb-2001 107k vp02c.coordws 06-Feb-2001 34k vp02i.coordws 06-Feb-2001 30k vp04c.coordws 06-Feb-2001 32k vp04c_cardiac_coordinates.coordws 06-Feb-2001 40k vp04i.coordws 06-Feb-2001 39k vp04i_cardiac_coordinates.coordws 06-Feb-2001 45k vp04i_new.coordws 06-Feb-2001 45k vp05c.coordws 06-Feb-2001 49k vp05i.coordws 06-Feb-2001 35k vp09c.coordws 06-Feb-2001 45k vp09i.coordws 06-Feb-2001 36k vp10c.coordws 06-Feb-2001 35k vp10i.coordws 06-Feb-2001 31k

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