Example 8116: Infarct data from Dr. James Covell and Dr. Scott Zimmerman (UCSD)

Dr. Covell has generously provided xray and photographic images from porcine infarction studies carried out by himself and Dr. Scott Zimmerman.

Contact details:
Dr. James Covell, UC San Diego (Medicine) ( jcovell@ucsd.edu )
Dr. Scott Zimmerman, UC San Diego (Medicine)

This example contains the information on the two pig hearts with infarcts. The directory labeled xray contains xray images of each slice. The directory labeled whole heart contains x ray images of each uncut heart.

There are fine wires where the marks are on each heart but they are difficult to see. We use these to locate the beads. We will have both systolic and remodeling starins at the bead sites. The other images are black and white video of each slice . There are marks at three sites along the surface of the heart. In each slice these marks are labeled by a short needle to help reassemble the slices. The needles are hard to see and we have marked them with black ink on the to of each slice. The thickness of each slice measured at several sites and at the endocardium and epicardium is in the two excel files. The canvas file describes the sites at which the thickness measurement was taken.

Files used by this example are:

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pig11.xls 06-Feb-2001 14k pig12.xls 06-Feb-2001 14k visablelight/ 27-Oct-2002 - xray/ 27-Oct-2002 -

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