Example 725: Gauss-Newton method to estimate parameters in Pole-Zero law

An FE model in prolate spheroidal coordinates has been fitted to the average geometry of 4 dog hearts measured with 3D ultrasound. The model is inflated using a set of "true" parameters to obtain a set of synthetic strain measurements. A Gauss-Newton approach is then used to try to estimate these "unknown" (true) parameters.

Run the example using "perl estimate.pl". See comments in estimate.pl for more details.Note, it uses the PDL perl module.

These files were used for the paper "Development of an in vivo method for determening material properties of passive myocardium" J. of Biomech. May 2004. Note that this is not a cmiss test example but rather a storage of the files for future reference and the files may need updating to be able to run them in the future.

Created by Espen Remme April 2004.

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example 725

# The execution of this example is mainly controlled by the
# perl script estimate.pl.
# It calls the cmiss-command file ellipsoid1.com.
# See example explanation and comments in estimate.pl for
# more details.

Files used by this example are:

Name                         Modified     Size

example_725.com 21-Apr-2004 226 20prosSofter.ipmate 21-Apr-2004 6.0k Base_node_restricted.ipinit 21-Apr-2004 1.7k Central_diff_LU.ipsolv 16-Aug-2010 2.3k Central_diff_LU.ipsolv.old 13-Apr-2007 2.2k SS.xls 21-Apr-2004 105 SS1.xls 21-Apr-2004 111 SS2.xls 21-Apr-2004 110 SS3.xls 21-Apr-2004 117 averageNodes.p 21-Apr-2004 8.1k basisfuncs.ipbase 21-Apr-2004 16k createNoise.pl 21-Apr-2004 1.8k defaultHeartStrain.opstra 21-Apr-2004 621k deformed.ipnode 21-Apr-2004 51k deformed00.ipnode 21-Apr-2004 51k deformed01.ipnode 21-Apr-2004 51k deformed02.ipnode 21-Apr-2004 51k deformed111.ipnode 21-Apr-2004 51k draw_gauss.com 21-Apr-2004 851 editedEllipsoid.ipmate 21-Apr-2004 6.0k ellipsoid.ipcoor 21-Apr-2004 725 ellipsoid.ipequa 02-May-2004 2.0k ellipsoid.ipmate 21-Apr-2004 6.0k ellipsoid1.com 21-Apr-2004 1.1k endoepi.ipelem 21-Apr-2004 21k estimate.pl 21-Apr-2004 30k full_big.ippara 21-Apr-2004 6.0k heartDeformed.exelem 21-Apr-2004 144k heartDeformed.exnode 21-Apr-2004 26k heartOriginal.exelem 21-Apr-2004 129k heartOriginal.exnode 21-Apr-2004 24k heartStrain.0.opstra 21-Apr-2004 621k heartStrain.1.opstra 21-Apr-2004 621k heartStrain.2.opstra 21-Apr-2004 621k heartStrain.exdata 21-Apr-2004 302k heartStrain.opstra 21-Apr-2004 621k meanLV.ipnode 21-Apr-2004 44k orgellipsoid.ipmate 21-Apr-2004 6.0k randomNoise000.txt 21-Apr-2004 14k result.txt 21-Apr-2004 633k sensValues.xls 21-Apr-2004 34 sensValues1.xls 21-Apr-2004 34 sensValues2.xls 21-Apr-2004 34 sensValues3.xls 21-Apr-2004 34 sept1simple.ipfibr 21-Apr-2004 10k simple.ipelfb 21-Apr-2004 7.9k solveInflation.com 21-Apr-2004 1.4k ss.xls 21-Apr-2004 102 ss1.xls 21-Apr-2004 102 ss2.xls 21-Apr-2004 102 ss3.xls 21-Apr-2004 102

Download the entire example:

Name                      Modified     Size

examples_7_72_725.tar.gz 17-Aug-2010 916k

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