Example 7183: Estimating material parameters of in-vivo human skin

This example is a testing version of example 7182, using a reduced numbers of data sets and bi-linear basis functions. This example executes in a few minutes, while the full examples 7181 and 7182 requires hours to complete

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#This example is a scaled down testing vesion of example 7182. Two material parameters are estimated using two deformed states and #bi-linear basis functions
# If the example path is not set, default to current directory
if (!defined $example) {
    $example = "./";
# Drop off the trailing / in the example path
$chopped = chop $example;
if ($chopped ne "/") {
    $example .= $chopped;
@DATASETS = (12,14)								#Deformed states

fem define parameters;r;multiaxes;example
fem define bases;r;bases_line;example						#Bi-linear
fem define nodes;r;coordinates_line_undeformed;example
fem define elements;r;elements_line;example					#Circular mesh with 192 elements

fem define fibre;r;fibre;example
fem define elements;r;fibreelem_line;example fibre

fem define equation;r;equation;example						#Incompressible membrane (uses plain-stress)
fem define material;r;tongfung;example						#Tong and Fungs skin function

fem group nodes 1..32 as BOUNDARY

fem define data;r;datapoints_undeformed;example					#Reads the undeformed coordinates of the datapoints
foreach $index (@DATASETS[1..$#DATASETS]){
	fem define data;r;datapoints_undeformed;example append

fem define xi;c closest								#Defines the xi positions of the datapoints

fem define data;r;datapoints_${DATASETS[0]};example as IMAGE_${DATASETS[0]}	#Reads the deformed coordinates of the datapoints
foreach $index (@DATASETS[1..$#DATASETS]){
	fem define data;r;datapoints_${index};example append as IMAGE_${index}
symlink "$example/evalresid_line.com","evalresid_line.com"
fem define initial;r;initskinsolve_line;example					#Defines a force boundary problem
fem define solve;r;solve;example
fem define optimise;r;tongfung_line;example					#Estimate twe exponential material parameters

fem define nodes;r;displacements_line_$DATASETS[-1];example dep 2 nc 1
fem define nodes;r;force_line_$DATASETS[-1];example dep 2 nc 2			#Reads the experimentaly applied forces
fem define nodes;r;force_line_residual;example dep 1 nc 2			#Reads the estimated residual forces

fem solve increment 0.1 iterate 100
for $M (1..3)
	fem solve increment 0.3 iterate 100					#Solves the force boundary

optimise									#The optimiser calles the eval_resid_line.com file

fem list data errors deformed
fem list material constitutive

Additional testing commands:

fem list material constitutive

Files used by this example are:

Name                                Modified     Size

example_7183.com 24-May-2004 2.3k bases_line.ipbase 03-May-2004 1.1k coordinates_line_undeformed.ipnode 03-May-2004 31k datapoints_12.ipdata 03-May-2004 37k datapoints_14.ipdata 03-May-2004 37k datapoints_undeformed.ipdata 03-May-2004 37k displacements_line_12.ipnode 03-May-2004 31k displacements_line_14.ipnode 03-May-2004 31k elements_line.ipelem 03-May-2004 51k equation.ipequa 03-May-2004 1.8k evalresid_line.com 03-May-2004 744 fibre.ipfibr 03-May-2004 53k fibreelem_line.ipelfb 03-May-2004 79k force_line_12.ipnode 03-May-2004 31k force_line_14.ipnode 03-May-2004 31k force_line_residual.ipnode 03-May-2004 31k initskin_line.ipinit 03-May-2004 1.3k initskinsolve_line.ipinit 03-May-2004 1.2k multiaxes.ippara 14-Apr-2008 5.8k skinforce_line.com 03-May-2004 1.1k solve.ipsolv 16-Aug-2010 2.3k solve.ipsolv.old 13-Apr-2007 2.2k test_output.com 03-May-2004 31 tongfung.ipmate 24-May-2004 5.2k tongfung_line.ipopti 24-May-2004 1.2k

Download the entire example:

Name                           Modified     Size

examples_7_71_718_7183.tar.gz 17-Aug-2010 91k

Testing status by version:

StatusTestedReal time (s)
cmSuccessSun Mar 6 00:22:30 201648
cm-debugSuccessSat Mar 5 01:51:04 2016178
cmSuccessSun Aug 19 05:35:59 2007588
cm-debugSuccessWed Jul 4 05:36:13 20073432
cm-debug-clear-mallocSuccessWed Jan 11 22:20:17 200637016
cm-debug-clear-malloc7SuccessThu Jan 19 14:24:37 200637325
cm64SuccessSun Aug 19 05:20:11 2007553
cm64-debugSuccessFri Aug 3 05:12:10 20073287
cmSuccessWed Mar 4 01:29:03 200966
cm-debugSuccessMon Mar 2 02:25:59 2009633
cm64SuccessWed Mar 4 01:29:27 200975
cm64-debugSuccessTue Mar 3 02:19:05 2009600
cmSuccessSun Mar 6 00:02:18 201623
cm-debugSuccessSat Mar 5 00:08:26 2016104

Testing status by file:

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