Example 5i1: Mesh with 2 collapsed elements

Mesh with 2 collapsed elements and no elements adjacent to the collapsed elements.

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example 5i1

# Finite elasticity using a mesh with elements having collapsed nodes

fem def para;r;memory        

fem de coord;r;allow_mapping

$name = "example_5i1";

fem define bas;r;TriCubicHerm
fem def;add base;r;BiCubicHerm
fem def;add base;r;TriLinearPress
fem def;add base;r;BiLinear

fem define node;r;$name
fem define elem;r;$name

fem def fibre;d
fem def elem;d          fibre

for $j (1..3){
   #This option will make all the lines straight
   fem update nodes deriv $j versions individual

   # this option will make the lines curved
   #fem update nodes deriv $j

# not sure why this is needed, but the scale factors might
# be wrong if it isn't included
fem update node scale_factor

# Export initial mesh
$ref = "initial";

fem export nodes;$ref as $ref;
fem export elements;$ref as $ref;

fem define node;w;$name."_exp"
fem define elem;w;$name."_exp"

# Refine doesn't work because the mappings are not updated.
#fem refine xi 1
#fem refine xi 2
#fem refine xi 3

fem def equa;r;mechanics          lock
fem def mat;r;mooney_rivlin

fem group element all external s3=0 as BOTTOM;
fem group nodes xi3=0 element BOTTOM as BOTTOMNODES;

fem group element all external s3=1 as TOP;
fem group nodes xi3=1 element TOP as TOPNODES;

fem list nodes groups

# define boundary conditions, in this example we displacements
# defined

fem def init;r;displace_zx

fem def solve;r;cubeherm

# After loading the ipsolv file ZP may not have the correct
# values. This doesn't matter here because the affected DOFs
# are fixed by the boundary conditions.

#explicitly setting the mapping fixes the above

fem def mapping;r;$name
fem update solution geometry

fem solv inc 0 error 1e-4

fem solv inc 0.0001 iter 5 error 1e-4
fem solv inc 0.0009 iter 5 error 1e-4
fem solv inc 0.009 iter 5 error 1e-4
fem solv inc 0.09 iter 5 error 1e-6
fem solv inc 0.4 iter 5 error 1e-8
fem solv inc 0.5 iter 30 error 1e-10

$name = "deformed";

fem export nodes;$name as $name field offset 0
fem export elements;$name as $name field offset_elem 0

#view in cmgui if desired
system "cmgui view.com"

Files used by this example are:

Name                    Modified     Size

example_5i1.com 09-Mar-2007 2.2k BiCubicHerm.ipbase 09-Mar-2007 1.6k BiLinear.ipbase 09-Mar-2007 1.2k TriCubicHerm.ipbase 09-Mar-2007 1.9k TriLinear.ipbase 09-Mar-2007 1.4k TriLinearPress.ipbase 09-Mar-2007 1.9k allow_mapping.ipcoor 09-Mar-2007 688 cubeherm.ipsolv 16-Aug-2010 3.1k cubeherm.ipsolv.old 13-Apr-2007 3.0k deformed.exelem 09-Mar-2007 16k deformed.exnode 09-Mar-2007 11k demo1_exp.ipelem 09-Mar-2007 3.5k demo1_exp.ipnode 09-Mar-2007 23k displace_zx.ipinit 09-Mar-2007 7.0k example_5i1.ipelem 09-Mar-2007 3.3k example_5i1.ipmap 09-Mar-2007 19k example_5i1.ipnode 09-Mar-2007 24k example_5i1_exp.ipelem 09-Mar-2007 3.5k example_5i1_exp.ipnode 09-Mar-2007 23k initial.exelem 09-Mar-2007 14k initial.exnode 09-Mar-2007 10k mechanics.ipequa 09-Mar-2007 2.1k memory.ippara 09-Mar-2007 5.9k mooney_rivlin.ipmate 09-Mar-2007 2.3k newton.ipsolv 16-Aug-2010 3.1k newton.ipsolv.old 13-Apr-2007 3.0k view.com 09-Mar-2007 2.2k

Download the entire example:

Name                      Modified     Size

examples_5_5i_5i1.tar.gz 17-Aug-2010 17k

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