Example 5c4: Transmural hanging nodes in a pressure loaded wedge

This example tests hanging nodes in a transmural refinement of a pressure loaded wedge.

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example 5c4

set num_threads 3;

fem define parameters;r;pressure_inflation;example
fem define coordinates;r;3d_Standard_RC;example reg 1
fem define bases;r;3CubicHermite_3x3x3Gauss_ArithMeanSE;example reg 1            # Geometry
fem define ;add bases;r;2CubicHermite_3x3Gauss_ArithMeanSE;example reg 1         # Faces
fem define ;add bases;r;3Linear-2PressAuxXi3_3x3x3Gauss;example reg 1            # Pressure
fem define ;add bases;r;2Linear_3x3Gauss;example reg 1                           # Faces
fem define nodes;r;wedge;example reg 1 
fem define elements;r;wedge;example reg 1
fem define fibres;r;wedge;example reg 1
fem define elements;r;wedge;example fibre reg 1

fem refine xi 1 at 0.3 element 1,2,3
fem refine xi 1 at 0.5 element 4,5,6

fem refine xi 2 at 0.3  
fem refine xi 2 at 0.5 element 10..18

fem refine xi 3 at 0.5 element 13

fem define equation;r;Incompressible_Finite_Elasticity;example reg 1
fem define material;r;Orthotropic_Incompressible;example reg 1
fem define active;r;active0_00;example reg 1

fem define initial;r;pressure_3CubicHermite_3linpres;example reg 1
fem define solve;r;newton;example reg 1
set out;steps_inflate on
$NAME1 = "wedge_def_00"
$NAME2 = "_active_0000"
$ITERS = 20
$TOL = 0.001

#increase pressure incrementally
for $PRESS ( 0..1 ) 

  if( $PRESS < 1 )
    $INCREM = 0.0
  } else
    $INCREM = 0.1

  list assign 
  fem solve increment $INCREM iter $ITERS error $TOL
  fem export nodes;$FILENAME field as wedge
  fem export elements;$FILENAME field as wedge
  fem define initial;w;$FILENAME
set out off

Additional testing commands:

fem list node solution

Files used by this example are:

Name                                                Modified     Size

example_5c4.com 28-Jul-2001 1.6k 2CubicHermite-Linear_3x3x3Gauss_ArithMeanSE.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.8k 2CubicHermite_3x3Gauss_ArithMeanSE.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.5k 2Linear_3x3Gauss.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.1k 3CubicHermite_3x3x3Gauss_ArithMeanSE.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.9k 3Linear-2PressAuxXi3_3x3x3Gauss.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.9k 3Linear_3x3x3Gauss.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.4k 3d_Standard_RC.ipcoor 23-Jul-2001 723 5Auxiliary_3x3x3Gauss.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.9k CubicHermite_2Linear_3x3x3Gauss_ArithMeanSE.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.7k CubicHermite_Linear_3x3Gauss_ArithMeanSE.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.5k Incompressible_Finite_Elasticity.ipequa 02-May-2004 2.1k Linear_CubicHermite_3x3Gauss_ArithMeanSE.ipbase 23-Jul-2001 1.5k Orthotropic_Incompressible.ipmate 05-Dec-2002 6.2k active0_00.ipacti 03-Mar-2004 777 newton.ipsolv 16-Aug-2010 2.8k newton.ipsolv.old 13-Apr-2007 2.6k outputwedge_def_000_active_0000.exelem 23-Jul-2001 13k outputwedge_def_000_active_0000.exnode 23-Jul-2001 14k outputwedge_def_000_active_0000.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 103k outputwedge_def_001_active_0000.exelem 23-Jul-2001 13k outputwedge_def_001_active_0000.exnode 23-Jul-2001 14k outputwedge_def_001_active_0000.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 102k outputwedge_def_002_active_0000.exelem 23-Jul-2001 13k outputwedge_def_002_active_0000.exnode 23-Jul-2001 14k outputwedge_def_002_active_0000.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 102k pressure_2CubicHermite-Linear_3linpres.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 4.0k pressure_2CubicHermite-Linear_constpres.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 4.4k pressure_3CubicHermite_3linpres.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 6.3k pressure_3CubicHermite_constpres.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 6.7k pressure_3Linear.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 2.3k pressure_CubicHermite-2Linear.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 2.5k pressure_inflation.ipinit 05-Dec-2002 1.9k pressure_inflation.ippara 12-Nov-2002 5.8k test_output.com 23-Jul-2001 26 view.com 23-Jul-2001 1.9k wedge.ipelem 23-Jul-2001 1.4k wedge.ipelfb 23-Jul-2001 630 wedge.ipfibr 23-Jul-2001 9.0k wedge.ipnode 23-Jul-2001 30k

Download the entire example:

Name                      Modified     Size

examples_5_5c_5c4.tar.gz 17-Aug-2010 38k

Testing status by version:

StatusTestedReal time (s)
cm-debug-clear-mallocFailureSun Aug 5 23:57:18 20013108
last breakSun Aug 5 23:05:00 20013108
cm_n32IncompleteFri Jan 6 17:19:24 2006unknown
last breakFri Aug 10 16:17:00 20012417

Testing status by file:

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