Example 336: Pollution Dispersion in a Harbour

This example investigates the dispersion of a pollutant in a harbour by diffusion alone. We consider the two dimensional case only, ie. a depth average model is considered. The pollutant is introduced to the harbour as a continuous supply from a point source. Pollution entering the harbour at node number 4 (bottom right corner). An obstacle in the harbour (ie an island) is represented at node 12 with a zero BC.

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example_336 Pollution Dispersion in an Open Harbour
fem define node;r;harbour;example  #Reads in grid of nodes
fem define base;r;;example         #Defines bilinear basis functions
fem define elem;r;;example         #Defines elements
fem define win;c                   #Calculates window size
fem draw line                      #Draws the lines of the elements
fem define equa;r;;example         #Define TIME INTEGRATION analysis of the ADVECTION DIFFUSION
#				   !equation. The solution is defined by GALERKIN FE's and a 
#				   !LINEAR analysis is used. Default all other options
fem define mate;r;;example         #Defines the material properties. Set constant and linear 
#				   !source terms to 0. The storage coefficient is set to 1.
#	 		 	   !Diffusion is both directions is set to 1 and the mass flow
#				   !is 0 in both directions.
fem de init;r;;example             #
fem de solve;r;;example            #Defines the solver with no solution output
fem solve                          #
fem dr field                       #Draws a field of the pollutant
fem define init;w;harbour-sol      #Save solution as it gets overwritten by
fem display history;harbour        #Displays the history of the nodes

# export geometry and field to cmgui
fem define init;r;harbour-sol      #Recover saved solution
fem export no;harbour as harbour
fem export elem;harbour as harbour
fem export no;pollution field as pollution
fem export elem;pollution field as pollution 

Additional testing commands:

fem list node solution

Files used by this example are:

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example_336.com 02-Sep-2002 1.4k harbour.cgi 10-Apr-2000 1.6k harbour.exelem 10-Apr-2000 5.6k harbour.exnode 10-Apr-2000 1.9k harbour.form 10-Apr-2000 1.1k harbour.html 10-Apr-2000 1.1k harbour.ipbase 10-Apr-2000 1.1k harbour.ipelem 10-Apr-2000 4.3k harbour.ipequa 26-May-2003 1.3k harbour.ipequa.old 18-Jun-2002 1.2k harbour.iphist 10-Apr-2000 162k harbour.ipinit 10-Apr-2000 1.3k harbour.ipinit_template 10-Apr-2000 1.2k harbour.ipmate 07-Apr-2003 2.6k harbour.ipmate.old 10-Apr-2000 2.0k harbour.ipnode 10-Apr-2000 3.4k harbour.ipsolv 13-Apr-2007 1.7k mesh.gif 10-Apr-2000 3.7k test_output.com 10-Apr-2000 30 view.com 03-Sep-2002 422

Download the entire example:

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examples_3_33_336.tar.gz 14-Apr-2007 42k

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cmSuccessSun Mar 6 00:01:50 20161
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cm64-debug-clear-mallocSuccessThu Apr 1 10:13:26 20046
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cm64SuccessWed Mar 4 01:08:51 20092
cm64-debugSuccessTue Mar 3 01:12:55 20092
cmSuccessSun Mar 6 00:01:03 20161
cm-debugSuccessSat Mar 5 00:01:13 20161

Testing status by file:

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