Example 319: Steady state temperature distribution on a heat sink using temperature dependent fluxes

This example solves the steady state temperature distribution though a heat sink on a car stereo amplifier. The boundary conditions include temperature dependant fluxes. The temperature field produced may take 2-3 minutes to draw. If you would like a quick example demonstrating the use of temperature dependant fluxes then refer to: Steady State heat distribution on a flat plate with temperature proportional fluxes.

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

fem def param;r;amp;example

fem def bas;r;amp;example 	# Define 2D linear basis function
fem def nod;r;amp;example
fem def win
fem def ele;r;amp ;example
fem dr li rgb=black 	# Draw the mesh
fem def equa;r;amp;example	
			# Specify static analysis with the Standard Laplace
			# Equation, finite element linear analysis.
			# Default other options.
fem def material;r;amp;example	# No material parameters set.
fem def init;r;ampCoupledflux;example	# Specify The flux boundary conditions
				# proportional to u
				# ie. dU/dt= const.U.  In most cases the
				# const will be -ve for a positive 
				# temperature giving a -ve flux.
				# Define integrated temp fluxes for the
				# Heat sources and sinks.
fem def solve;r;amp;example		# Default all options
fem solve
fem dr field zmin=38 zmax=42 	# Draw the temperature distribution
fem list node solution

Files used by this example are:

Name                   Modified     Size

example_319.com 20-Nov-2001 862 amp.ipbase 10-Apr-2000 1.1k amp.ipelem 10-Apr-2000 126k amp.ipequa 26-May-2003 1.3k amp.ipmate 10-Apr-2000 54 amp.ipnode 10-Apr-2000 106k amp.ippara 12-Nov-2002 6.0k amp.ipsolv 13-Apr-2007 1.1k ampCoupledflux.ipinit 10-Apr-2000 2.3k

Download the entire example:

Name                      Modified     Size

examples_3_31_319.tar.gz 14-Apr-2007 65k

Graphical output from this problem is given here.

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