Example 3152: Steady state heat distibution in a plate calculated using the laplace equation. Refined once

This family of example use the laplace equation to calculate the temperature distribution inside a plate using FEM. Bicubic hermite bases functions are used as the elements This is the same as problem 3151 with Xi refined once in each direction.

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example_3152 Steady state temperature distribution in a plate (see example_3141).
#This example is used to test the convergence of the Laplace or Poisson equation
#This example is example_3131 refined once per Zhi. The basis function is bicubic hermite. 
fem                                        #Set the FEM environment
fem define parameter;r;lapcub2;example     #Defines the necessary parameters

# Command updated by fixcom.sh on Thu Jun 17 15:32:31 NZT 1999
# Old command: fem reallocate                             !Reallocates the memory to new parameters

fem define coordinate;r;lapcub2;example    #Reads in the coordinates used for the plate
fem define nodes;r;lapcub2;example         #Reads in the nodes to define the plate
fem define bases;r;lapcub2;example         #Defines a bicubic hermite basis function
fem define elements;r;lapcub2;example      #Reads in elements from file
fem define wind;c                          #Calculates the graphic window size
fem draw lines                             #Makes the line segments visible
fem define equation;r;lapcub2;example      #Defines a STATIC analysis of LAPLACE's eqn
fem define material;r;lapcub2;example      #Define material properties (none)
fem define initial;r;lapcub2;example       #Defines initial conditions
#                                          !Three sides are held at zero and the forth
#                                          !side has a heat function of Sin(Pi Y/L)
fem define solve;r;lapcub2;example         #Defines solver options, default all settings
fem sol                                    #Solves the boundary value problem
fem draw field                             #This will draw colour temperature field
fem draw contours label off                #Draws 10 contours step size 0.1 deg

Additional testing commands:

#Testing example 3152

Files used by this example are:

Name              Modified     Size

example_3152.com 07-Jul-2000 1.7k lapcub2.com 07-Jul-2000 1.7k lapcub2.ipbase 07-Jul-2000 1.5k lapcub2.ipcoor 07-Jul-2000 860 lapcub2.ipelem 07-Jul-2000 8.6k lapcub2.ipequa 26-May-2003 1.3k lapcub2.ipinit 28-Jun-2001 1.8k lapcub2.ipmate 07-Jul-2000 54 lapcub2.ipnode 07-Jul-2000 27k lapcub2.ippara 12-Nov-2002 5.9k lapcub2.ipsolv 13-Apr-2007 1.1k lapcub2.opvari 07-Jul-2000 25k test_output.com 07-Jul-2000 22

Download the entire example:

Name                           Modified     Size

examples_3_31_315_3152.tar.gz 14-Apr-2007 11k

Testing status by version:

StatusTestedReal time (s)
cmSuccessSun Mar 6 00:01:44 20161
cm-debugSuccessSat Mar 5 00:02:01 20160
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cm-debugSuccessWed Aug 15 01:24:59 20077
cm-debug-clear-mallocSuccessSat Aug 18 01:35:27 200717
cm-debug-clear-malloc7SuccessMon Aug 20 01:33:12 200717
cm64SuccessSun Aug 19 01:27:24 20073
cm64-debugSuccessTue Aug 21 01:23:45 20078
cm64-debug-clear-mallocSuccessThu Apr 1 10:12:35 20045
cmSuccessWed Mar 4 01:06:58 20091
cm-debugSuccessMon Mar 2 01:06:58 20091
cm64SuccessWed Mar 4 01:06:58 20091
cm64-debugSuccessTue Mar 3 01:12:06 20092
cmSuccessSun Mar 6 00:01:01 20160
cm-debugSuccessSat Mar 5 00:01:12 20160

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