Example 234: Fit a nodal strain energy field from Gauss point values and plot

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example_234  Fit activation time isochrones on 3D epicardial                                                                       
#             surface using Gauss point data. (30 element mesh)                                                                     
#             The data comes from a simullation using a single                                                                      
#             epicardial stimulus.  (The timing data is read                                                                        
#             in as Gauss point information)                                                                                        
#Before running this .com file you must edit the Gauss point file from                                                              
#the activation model.  Firstly eliminate all Gauss points from elements                                                            
#31 to 60.  Secondly eliminate Gauss points 1..100 in elements 1..30.                                                               
#Finally, in each of these elements, renumber remaining GP's (101..125)                                                             
#to new numbers 1..25. This file is called example_234.ipgaus in this                                                               
fem define coor;r;example_234;example #prolate spheroidal coords                                                                        
fem define base;r                 #bicubic basis                                                                                    
fem define elem;r                 #30 elements                                                                                      
fem define node;r                 #59 nodes                                                                                         
fem define line;r                 #line scaling factors                                                                             
fem list nodes                                                                                                                      
fem define window on 4                                                                                                              
fem define map hammer mu=117      #Hammer projection window                                                                         
fem define gauss;r number 1       #Gauss point activation time data                                                                 
#fem list gauss                                                                                                                     
fem define field;r                #1 field position only                                                                            
fem list nodes                                                                                                                      
fem define fit;r gauss field      #Gauss point fit                                                                                  
fem list fit                                                                                                                        
fem fit gauss                                                                                                                       
fem draw contours field value 0..200:5 #contours on Hammer map                                                                      
#Fit isochrones to Gauss Point times read in as data                                                                                
#Using 12 element epicardial mesh                                                                                                   
fem define coor;r;example_234A;example                                                                                                  
fem define base;r                                                                                                                   
fem define elem;r                                                                                                                   
fem define node;r                                                                                                                   
fem define line;r                                                                                                                   
fem define window on 4                                                                                                              
fem define map hammer mu=117                                                                                                        
fem draw lines                                                                                                                      
fem define field;r                                                                                                                  
fem define data;r field                                                                                                             
fem define data;c xi                                                                                                                
fem define fit;r field                                                                                                              
fem fit field                                                                                                                       
#fem li no nu 1                                                                                                                     
fem draw gauss                                                                                                                      
fem draw contours field value 0..200:5 on 4                                                                                         
#fem define field;w;h27_epstim                                                                                                      
#fem quit                                                                                                                           

Files used by this example are:

Name                 Modified     Size

example_234.com 10-Apr-2000 6.9k example_234.ipbase 10-Apr-2000 3.5k example_234.ipcoor 10-Apr-2000 972 example_234.ipelem 10-Apr-2000 26k example_234.ipfiel 10-Apr-2000 12k example_234.ipfit 10-Apr-2000 1.4k example_234.ipgaus 10-Apr-2000 98k example_234.ipline 10-Apr-2000 16k example_234.ipnode 10-Apr-2000 12k example_234a.ipbase 10-Apr-2000 9.5k example_234a.ipcoor 10-Apr-2000 3.6k example_234a.ipdata 10-Apr-2000 68k example_234a.ipelem 10-Apr-2000 10k example_234a.ipfiel 10-Apr-2000 6.1k example_234a.ipfit 10-Apr-2000 1.3k example_234a.ipline 10-Apr-2000 7.0k example_234a.ipnode 10-Apr-2000 10k

Download the entire example:

Name                      Modified     Size

examples_2_23_234.tar.gz 19-Aug-2006 27k

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