Example 2219: Read iod file and display fibres on Hammer map and through wall

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Read iod file and display fitted fibres at levels through the heart wall                                                                                       
fem assign;p HEART            #type in the heart number you want to work                                                            
#                              with (02 in this example)                                                                            

fem define window;c on 4      #calculate window size
fem define map hammer mu=120  #opens window (4) for hammer projection                                                               
fem draw line with 3,4,6,8,14,15,24,32,34,35,39,46 on 4                                                                         
                              #draw epicardial borders
fem draw fibre in 1..30 xi_3 1.0 on 4                                                                                           
#                             !draws fitted fibres at epicardium on window 4                                                        
fem assign;p return           #pauses until you press [RETURN]                                                                      
fem cancel fibre on 4         #clears window 4                                                                                      
fem draw fibre in 31..60 xi_3 1.0 on 4                                                                                          
#                             !draws fitted fibres at LV endocardium on                                                             
#                              window 4.  Continue with this process (cancel                                                        
#                              and define fibres) to display fibres at any                                                          
#                              level (xi_3) through the wall (elements 1..30                                                        
#                              are the outer, 31..60 inner)                                                                         
fem display section;m fibre on 4                                                                                                    
#                             !displays through-wall fibre angle                                                                    
#                              distributions and click the LH mouse button                                                          
#                              on any point where you wish to see a                                                                 
#                              through-wall fibre distribution plot                                                                                                                                                     
fem quit

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