Example 2191: Overview of full fitting procedure (as done by examples 2..9)

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example_2191  Fitting full 3D heart geometry                                                                                       
#Note: this example is to give an overview of the heart fitting procedure only                                                      
#Do not run this as it stands because CMISS must be exited after each com file.                                                     

#                                H00 mesh to match RV endocardial borders                                                           

#                                to adjust mesh (node 14 only) for RV EN FW                                                         
#                                data                                                                                               

#                                geometry                                                                                           

#                                for the RV septal endocardial data                                                                 

#                                for RV free wall endocardial data                                                                  

#                                RV endocardial geometry                                                                            

#                                epicardium, LV endocardium and RV endocardium                                                      

#                                from input files and draw cross-section                                                            

#                                from .iod file and draw cross-section                                                              
fem quit                                                                                                                            

Files used by this example are:

Name              Modified     Size

example_2191.com 28-Jun-2000 2.1k

Download the entire example:

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examples_2_21_219_2191.tar.gz 19-Aug-2006 1.2k

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