Example 2175: Fit r.c. mesh using Fourier time basis with tracked bifurcation points

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example_2175  Fit rectangular cartesian mesh to tracked bifurcation points.                                                        
#Uses Fourier (time)/Bicubic Hermite (surface) tensor product basis functions.                                                      
fe def coo;r;bifurc_fit                                                                                                             
fe def bas;r                                                                                                                        
fe def ele;r                                                                                                                        
fe def nod;r                                                                                                                        
fe def dat;r                                                                                                                        
fe def dat;r xi total 3                             #3rd xi is time                                                                 
fe def li;c                                                                                                                         
fe de moti;r                                                                                                                        
fe def fit;r;bifurc_fit_1 fourier                   #fit x                                                                          
fe fit fourier                                                                                                                      
fe def fit;r;bifurc_fit_2 fourier                   #fit y                                                                          
fe fit fourier previous                                                                                                             
fe def fit;r;bifurc_fit_3 fourier                   #fit z                                                                          
fe fit fourier previous                                                                                                             
#fe de moti;w;bifurc_fit_1                          !write motion fields                                                            
#fe display history dynamic at 3,1.0,0.644 coord 1  !display motion                                                                 
#fe draw da history data 1 coord 1                  !display data on motion                                                         
fem quit                                                                                                                            

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