Example 2173: Fit prolate spheroidal mesh to angio data and convert to r.c. coords

The comfile run by this example is as follows:

#Example_2173  Fit the left side epicardial surface to the left coronary artery.                                                    
#Radial lamdas field is fitted in prolate spheroidal coordinates and then                                                           
#converted to rectangular cartesian.                                                                                                
fem de coo;r;artery_fit                                                                                                             
fem de bas;r;artery_fit                                                                                                             
fem de ele;r;artery_fit                                                                                                             
fem de nod;r;artery_fit                                                                                                             
fem de win;r;artery_fit                                                                                                             
fem de li;c                                                                                                                         
fem de dat;r;artery_fit                                                                                                             
fem de dat;r;artery_fit xi total 2                                                                                                  
fem de field;r;artery_fit                                                                                                           
fem de fit;r;artery_fit geom                                                                                                        
fem fit geom                                                                                                                        
fem update node in 1                                                                                                                
#fem de nod;w;artery_fit2   !write fitted node file                                                                                 
fe def bas;r;artery_fit_2   #1,2:BC.H. angle change                                                                                 
fe de li;c                  #to update NPL, etc                                                                                     
fem update node deriv in 2  #calculate theta derivs based on linear change                                                          
fem update node deriv in 3  #calculate mu derivs based on linear change                                                             
fem update node deriv       #recalculate derivs of lambda,theta,mu wrt arc len.                                                     
fe def bas;r;artery_fit_3   #1,2:BC.H. arc length                                                                                   
fem change coor to 1        #change to rect cart                                                                                    
fe de li;c                                                                                                                          
fem quit                                                                                                                            

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